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Introduction to Mitomo's Face Sheet Mask

What is J-Beauty?

Simplicity is the core of Japanese skin care. Japanese beauty is about natural, quality and hardworking products to produce healthier skin.

A Japanese skin care made in Japan focuses on the two most important steps for healthier skin: hydrating and moisturizing.

Mitomo’s Natural Japanese Face Mask Sheet made for USA are perfect for these two important routines for having your skin to be gentle and luxuriously moisturizing.

If you are looking into Japanese beauty care face masks, you'll love Mitomo USA's Natural Japanese Face Mask Sheets and satisfying moisturizing face masks for working around the clock to refresh your skin.

As similar to Korean face mask sheets, Japanese mask packs are very similar except the ingredients.

Mitomo’s Japanese Cosmetics from our USA Online Store consists of many of Japan's best grown organic ingredients such as cherry blossom, gold, royal jelly and even pearls from the Sea of Japan.

Try out Mitomo's Natural Face Mask Sheets USA Online store today and be beautiful.